40 mins. Angry. Listening to this

Good Morning Jo,

Customer service can make or break your relationship with a business.

The other day, someone I know had to contact their bank about an issue with online banking.

After navigating an automated menu that couldn’t understand his voice, he sat on hold for more than 40 minutes, listening to the same song on repeat. There was the occasional silence that gave him the hope somebody was picking up, but then the same music resumed seconds later.

He finally got through to a human. Hooray! Who established that the automated menu had sent him to the wrong department.

Back to the call queue. And an additional 30 minutes on hold (I’m not kidding), with the same music that was punctuated with moments of silence and false hope.

Somebody eventually picked up. And within two minutes told the guy that the only way to resolve his problem… would be to visit a local branch of the bank.

I think his face had gone a funny purple color by this point…

You might be wondering why I’m telling you this?

Like banks, IT support providers have different approaches to customer service.

  • How easy is it to get hold of your IT support provider?
  • How quickly do they help you when problems come up?
  • What are they doing proactively to stop things going wrong, so you don’t have to contact them in the first place?

Time is money, especially if you’re staring down the barrel of an IT (or banking) problem.

We put our customers at the center of everything we do. Hit reply to this email or call 010 035 4182 to learn more.

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Andrew Jones

With his Certifications from Monash where he graduated in 2005 and an Honours in Financial planning from the University of Johannesburg which he obtained in 2012. Andrew can develop the best strategy for your future financial health. The Protego ethos of learning and staying abreast of global financial trends means Andrew is able to strategise and apply the most holistic wealth plan to your portfolio.

Andrews development of Protego as a boutique Wealth Management solution means the company is interested in benefiting the client’s lives, with their deep understanding of the steps needed to achieve your goals. The prosperity and freedom which that can bring is core to what drives Andrew and has the company constantly innovating the way they look at holistic financial health.

Throughout your journey to financial freedom, you will have access to Protegos in-depth client liaison services. The value placed on strategy implementation and comprehensive analyses puts Protego ahead, as well as the revaluation of strategies which is used as a powerful tool for their clients.

Long-term strategic asset allocation and maximising your probability of success is Andrews speciality. Allowing him to create your portfolio, monitor the process and report back to you with detailed performance attribution analysis. The strategising and implementation of outcome-based decision making ensures your money is secure to plan for tomorrow’s dreams with Protego Wealth Management.