Trapped. With slow internet

Can you imagine being trapped inside your house… with really… really… slow… inter… net… Wouldn’t be so bad for an hour. Disconnect; read a book; lovely. But what if it lasted for days? A super-fast internet connection is as important as running water these days. Especially with Work From Home. If your internet keeps slowing […]

When did you last fall out?

Working from home, few of us have a casual relationship with our computer. It’s either your best friend. Or your worst enemy. That can change often throughout the day. When everything’s going to plan, your computer is amazing. And powers you to do your best work. When it stops playing ball and breaks down, you […]

They’re throwing mud: You need a non-stick wall

You may have heard me say before that your business is at a greater risk of being hacked today, than ever before. Here’s the thing though – cyber-criminals are not specifically targeting your business. They’ve never heard of you! No, they’re targeting all businesses, all the time. Using clever automated tools that attempt to sniff […]

40 mins. Angry. Listening to this

Good Morning Jo, Customer service can make or break your relationship with a business. The other day, someone I know had to contact their bank about an issue with online banking. After navigating an automated menu that couldn’t understand his voice, he sat on hold for more than 40 minutes, listening to the same song […]