They’re throwing mud: You need a non-stick wall

You may have heard me say before that your business is at a greater risk of being hacked today, than ever before.

Here’s the thing though – cyber-criminals are not specifically targeting your business. They’ve never heard of you!

No, they’re targeting all businesses, all the time. Using clever automated tools that attempt to sniff out weaknesses, and then infect your computers with ransomware.

This is the terrifying crime where your data is locked away, and you can’t get it back until you pay the ransom fee.

Ransomware is targeted at vulnerabilities, not individuals or businesses.

So, think of their attempts to hack your system as simply them throwing mud at the wall. If some sticks, they will investigate further.

Best form of defense then is to make sure the mud can’t stick.

You need a non-stick wall!

And these days, that means investing in appropriate ongoing support to protect your business.

Cyber-security isn’t a one-off job. That’s asking for trouble.

Today’s cyber-security threats are evolving all the time. And your IT systems need to be proactively protected by professionals who care.

Does your current IT support provider go out of their way to help protect your business?

Or does it sometimes feel like you’re just paying for an expensive tech support helpline?

Hit reply to this email or give me a call on 010 035 4182 to learn how we can help your business stay secure.

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Andrew Jones

With his Certifications from Monash where he graduated in 2005 and an Honours in Financial planning from the University of Johannesburg which he obtained in 2012. Andrew can develop the best strategy for your future financial health. The Protego ethos of learning and staying abreast of global financial trends means Andrew is able to strategise and apply the most holistic wealth plan to your portfolio.

Andrews development of Protego as a boutique Wealth Management solution means the company is interested in benefiting the client’s lives, with their deep understanding of the steps needed to achieve your goals. The prosperity and freedom which that can bring is core to what drives Andrew and has the company constantly innovating the way they look at holistic financial health.

Throughout your journey to financial freedom, you will have access to Protegos in-depth client liaison services. The value placed on strategy implementation and comprehensive analyses puts Protego ahead, as well as the revaluation of strategies which is used as a powerful tool for their clients.

Long-term strategic asset allocation and maximising your probability of success is Andrews speciality. Allowing him to create your portfolio, monitor the process and report back to you with detailed performance attribution analysis. The strategising and implementation of outcome-based decision making ensures your money is secure to plan for tomorrow’s dreams with Protego Wealth Management.