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The very best attorney one could ask for I highly recommend Judy Wilkins as an attorney. When I needed someone to represent me in a highly sensitive and volatile divorce, Judy stood by me and fought long and hard to finalize the divorce as quick as possible in the most affordable way. She supported me not only in her professional capacity but also emotionally, and she has become a close confidant in my continuous battle with my ex-husband.

From my first contact with Judy Wilkins, she was compassionate, kind and completely honest about the merits of the divorce and my rights. She explained the challenges that could arise, yet confident that the court will rule in my favor, and she defended me on all aspects of divorce proceedings and the final outcome was exactly as she predicted. Judy and her staff handled all negotiations professionally, skillfully and assertively. With her breath of knowledge and extensive experience she settled my divorce to my full satisfaction.

Judy constantly kept me informed and always responded promptly to my emails and phone calls, always answering my concerns and questions thoroughly and professionally with that touch of personal emotional support, never once made me feel inadequate. Every contact with her and her staff was always met with warmth, support and professionalism.

I was an emotional wreck and thought I would never find an attorney who will see my ex for who he really is and see through his charming manipulative ways. She proved to me from my very first dealings with her that I have her full support and trust. She is truly a compassionate, very knowledgeable divorce lawyer and I highly recommend her for any case pertaining to divorce and family law.

Thank you Judy for being my light at the end of the tunnel. You will never know how much I appreciate what you did for me and still do. You are an amazing lady and I will always remember you.

My sweetest of sweets

Can't stand the thought of saying goodbye to the three of you.... What a journey it has been this past three months, probably the most difficult, but in many ways, most reaffirming days of my life thus far.

Reaffirming in terms of believing in how spirit works in our lives. I came to your offices, broken and scared- I leave with my head held high and even with a bit of my mo-jo still intact, because of you and your hard work and love.

My house will always have a warm, sweet place to head to at the end of a journey-waiting for you and I sincerely hope that you take me up on that........... We could even ride some horses on those dusty roads !!!

Keep doing the blessed work that you do- being the angels that we all need from time to time in this crazy journey called life.

All my love and that of the kid's...

Sue * *Names and Places have been changed

Dear Judy, it has been pleasure dealing with you and having you represent me in my court case. I was in a bad way when I came to see you 5 months ago, I was feeling desperate and despondent.

All along the way you reassured me and gave me sound advice to appease my concerns. You never made a comment or commitment you did not believe you could deliver on and in the end the outcome was what you told me would be a fair outcome throughout the process.

I am truly grateful to you for everything you did for me and my kids. You were always so confident during the process and now that we are done I can look back and understand that your experience and knowledge of the system and what is fair and reasonable was the source of that confidence.

Thank you again for being there for me and helping me.

I wish to thank Judy at Judy Wilkins Attorneys for her outstanding, efficient and speedy work as regards my recent divorce and settlement. I underwent a rather acrimonious divorce process as result of my filing for a divorce. My ex-wife (defendant) counter-acted with absolute ridiculous and unreasonable demands and Judy was successfully able to prevent what may have become a very lengthy and expensive dispute and final settlement!

I can, and do, most definitely recommend Judy Wilkins as a rather cost effective defence lawyer who has absolute sound legal knowledge as well is up to speed with family law and the country’s latest constitution law. Judy Wilkins is able to dispense with immediate legal recourse that has a positive result for the client as well as ensures the necessary legal protection going forward, especially where the interests of the minor child are concerned!

Judy Wilkins Attorneys come highly recommended!

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